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Miracles of the Royal Martyrs
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Help from Saint Nicholases . . . .
(An account by b Sergey Bremer, reader at
the church of the holy martyrs Florus and Laurus in Moscow).

I once heard from a certain pious woman about the miraculous help she had received from the Royal martyrs, which I would like to tell you about. This woman (her name is Maria Dmitriyevna) works at our church of the holy martyrs Florus and Laurus. During the summer months she goes to the dacha, where she grows a small vegetable garden on her plot of land which is located near Serpukhovo. The plot of land is large and uncultivated, so that when Maria Dmitriyevna decided to dig up the soil, it was clear that she could not do it without the help of a tractor. Unfortunately, however, all the tractor drivers of her acquaintance, who lived in the neighboring villages, flatly refused to help her: one said that her land was poorly situated, another that the soil was poor, a third that he did not have enough fuel, etc.

Holy martyr Tsar Nicholas II.
Holy martyr Tsar Nicholas II.

At this point Maria Dmitriyevna began to pray, asking for help from St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and the holy Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II, whom she greatly venerated. And her prayers were heard! Soon afterwards she was told that in the village of Novy Byt there was a good tractor driver, to whom she went for help, although there was little hope of it because the distance from Novy Byt to her plot of land was great.

Saint Nicholas.
Saint Nicholas.

To the womans great surprise and joy the tractor driver did not refuse her, came along with her and the land was soon ploughed. When the woman invited the worker to sit at the table and have some lunch, they started talking, and the tractor driver asked her in surprise: How did you find me, since my village is so far away? The woman decided not to hide the truth and told him how she had prayed and asked for help from Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker and the holy Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II. Then the tractor driver said in reply: Do you know, my name is Nikolay Nikolayevich. Then both of them realized that a real miracle had occurred, and for a long time afterwards Maria Dmitriyevna thanked God and His saints, who had helped her in a difficult situation.

Compiled by Protopriest Alexander Shargunov.

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