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MODERN - DAY LIFEModern-Day Life
A contemporary look at the myrrh-bearing women
From the Apocalypse
War of the Worlds
Modern-day heresy of iconoclasm
The Holy myrrh-bearing women and feminism
On gratitude to God
On superstitious beliefs
How to be orthodox today
The End Times
Food for Thought
Tolerance, Lukewarmness, and Apostasy from Christ
An open appeal to the hierarchs of the Moscow Patriarchate
Orthodoxy and its Future
There is Nothing New Under The Sun
The Baptism of Russia
The Calendar Issue
Contemporary Mankind (Reflections of elder Paisius the Athonite)
World Events from an Orthodox Perspective
A World Lying In Iniquity
Contemporary signs of the end of the world
The future of Russia and the end of the world
The Other-Worldliness of Holy Orthodoxy
For what we should thank God
We shall behold Christ radiant.
On Apostasy
The cosmic force of faith
Why does God allow the existence of evil?
On celebrating Halloween
Rock music from a Christian point of view
Universal Teachers
Apocalypse now
Unbelievable for many, but actually a true occurrence
Spiritual and physical maladies
The spiritual symbolism of the St. Basil Cathedral
The Conqueror of death. Homily for the Saturday of Lazarus
The Contemporary Gift of Tongues
Ecology of the Age of Aquarius
Contemporary issues in the light of Orthodoxy
Peace In Our Times
Seven reasons why I believe in God
The life of a Christian in our modern world
Modern-day Gadarenes
The wedding feast
On the beginning and end of time

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Modern-Day Life