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Surrounded by treason, and cowardice, and deceit
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Miracles of the Royal Martyrs
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The Royal martyrs - righteous judges . . . .
(An account by S. I. Naychukova, Moscow).

I would like to tell you how my family received help when I appealed to Tsar Nicholas II and his daughter Olga.

My own daughter, whose name is also Olga, owned and worked in a kiosk, for which she hired security guards to watch it after hours and during holidays. She kept this kiosk until September 1996 and then sold it, because she was expecting her first child. She processed all the papers and gave the documents to the internal revenue service. And then, a year and a half later, she suddenly received a court summons, where she was accused of having failed to pay the security guards for the month of September and was ordered to pay 2,000 rubles in arrears. The judge decided in favor of the security guards and ordered the debt to be payed within 10 days.

My daughter phoned me and tearfully told me about everything that had happened in court, despairing over the judges unjust attitude towards her. My daughter is not working at the moment, since she is bringing up a small child, and her resources are extremely limited, so that the payment of such a sum is out of the question for her. And I, being already familiar with the miracles of the Royal martyrs, advised her to pray to the Tsar-batyushka and to his daughter Olga, and I also prayed to them myself, asking them to help my daughter Olga.

How great was our surprise and amazement, when to my daughters declaration of disagreement with the verdict the judge replied: The courts decision is rescinded, and I refuse to examine this matter. The representative of the security guards had no objections and they all left the court. Isnt this so obviously Gods help through the intercession of the Tsar and his family?

The Royal Martyrs.
The Royal Martyrs.

. and guardians of their people.
(An account by the Vasilchenko family, Moscow)

We would like to tell you about the help our family received from Tsar Nicholas. With the birth of a second child we had the theoretical possibility of ameliorating our living conditions, but practically there was little hope. Nowadays it is not so simple.

Together with our two children we occupied one room of a two-bedroom apartment in a family complex. It was very difficult for us the keep peace with our neighbors. The nervous situation in the apartment had a particularly detrimental effect on our childrens health. Our priest gave us his blessing to pray and try to acquire a separate abode.

We were able to quickly gather all the necessary documents and hand them in to the housing commission, where we were told that although according to the rules we had a right to a separate apartment, we should not expect anything in the near future. Realistically we would probably have to wait several years. There were many candidates and too few apartments.

Two or three months passed. At that time we already knew the truth about Tsar Nicholas Aleksandrovich and were filled with tenderness and love for the Royal Family. We began to ask for the Tsars help with our housing problem, and with faith in Gods providence we went again to see the chairman of the housing commission. This time we were greatly amazed to learn that circumstances had changed, and we were offered an unexpectedly vacated separate two-bedroom apartment. What joy! We felt joy not only at receiving an apartment of our own, but also at feeling the closeness of the Royal martyrs and all the saints to us.

From that time on we often appealed to the holy Tsar Nicholas, and help came immediately under extraordinary circumstances. Since Tsar Nicholas Aleksandrovich was not only our Sovereign, but also head of a large family, we began to pray to him whenever we had family conflicts and disagreements. Peace was restored to our family very quickly. O holy Royal martyrs, pray to God for us!

Compiled by Protopriest Alexander Shargunov.

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