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The Tsar-Martyr saves our demonized youth . . . .
(An account by Galina Volkova, Moscow).

For my sins the Lord allowed demons to enter my son, and one of them was even shown to me in my dreams as he entered into him - a vile mug with a jaw hanging down like a tongue overgrown with a hard stubble. My child had always been very complex, but at this point his personality disintegrated completely. From the summer of 1994 he stopped going to church, became friends with elements of the criminal world, was full of hate towards me, could not say two words without using foul language, began to smoke. His father engaged in bouts of heavy drinking, the child had no self-control, was easily provoked into terrible quarrels and fights with his father, received all Es in school and was on the point of being expelled. With Gods help, in the summer of 1996 the demonic fits ceased after special prayers were read three times in the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra, and he began going to church again, although very rarely.

On October 9th my son Oleg saw a dream. Across from his bed there is a chest of drawers, and coming out from under this chest he saw a huge fat snake. Oleg was terribly afraid, but next to him a familiar man began to beat the snake on the head with a sharp object and crushed it. Then he told Oleg to look and see whether there was anything else under the chest. Oleg dragged a stick under the chest and two smaller snakes came slithering out, whose heads were also crushed with the sharp object.

The dream started coming true with the following event. One day I bought in our church the third book on the miracles of the Royal martyrs, and began reading it together with my son. At the same time I hung a portrait of the Tsar, which I had also bought at the church, over his bed. After finishing reading I said to him: Oleg, you have so many sins that the Lord is slow in forgiving them. Ask Tsar Nicholas II - he is here before you - to help you rid yourself of foul language. I had mentioned the foul language because my son had not even wanted to repent of it, saying that he liked the sound of those foul words. Oleg appealed to Tsar Nicholas and went to sleep.

The Royal Father.
The Royal Father.

Several days later Oleg came home from school in great joy and said: Mom, I was coming from school with my friend and I found a box with coins, and among them is a silver ruble with the image of Tsar Nicholas! Soon afterwards I asked Oleg whether he was still using foul language in his conversations, and I learned that he could not stand saying those words any longer and that he had also lost all desire to smoke. I saw that an abrupt and noticeable change had occurred in my son, he began listening to me, comes to church with me every Sunday, goes to confession, and as a result of prayers to Tsar Nicholas he is becoming unburdened of his heaviest sins, from which we had all suffered since 1992.

Compiled by Protopriest Alexander Shargunov.

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