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The power of the sign of the cross

 “We have confirmed that the ancient custom of making the sign of the cross over food and drink before a meal has profound mystic meaning, – says physicist Angelina Malakhovskaya. – A practical benefit is hidden behind it: food becomes purified literally in a single moment. This is a great miracle which happens literally every single day.” Angelina Malakhovskaya has been conducting research into the power of the sign of the cross for almost 10 years.

 A major series of experiments was conducted, and these were checked out numerous times before the results were published. They are phenomenal: unique bactericidal properties were discovered, which appear in water after it is sanctified by prayer and the sign of the cross. A new and hitherto unknown property of the Word of God to transform the structure of water, significantly increasing its optical density in the ultraviolet range of the spectrum, has been discovered.

 For Angelina Malakhovskaya and her colleagues in St. Petersburg the very possibility of this research was a miracle – it was not financed, was not a subject pursued by any scientific research institute. But the scientists performed an enormous amount of work gratis – for the sole purpose of giving people the possibility to experience and see the healing power of God.

 The scientists tested the effect of the Lord’s Prayer and the sign of the cross on pathogenic bacteria. For this research samples of water were taken from diverse water reservoirs – wells, rivers, lakes. All of the samples contained E. coli bacteria and staphylococcus aureus. But it turned out that when the Lord’s Prayer was read over the samples and the sign of the cross was made over them, the number of harmful bacteria decreased sevenfold, tenfold, a hundredfold, and even over a thousandfold!

 Under the conditions of the experiment, in order to exclude the influence of possible mental suggestion, the prayer was read by both believers and non-believers; however, the number of pathogenic bacteria in various mediums (with diverse arrays of bacteria) still decreased in comparison to the control sample.

 The power of prayer and the sign of the cross are beneficial for man as well – in all tested individuals their blood pressure stabilized and blood indicators improved. It is an extraordinary fact that the indicators change in the exact direction needed for healing: for hypotension sufferers the pressure increases, for hypertension sufferers it decreases.  

 It was noticed that if a person made the sign of the cross carelessly, not folding three fingers together firmly or not touching the requisite points (middle of the forehead, center of the solar plexus, right and left shoulders), then the positive result of the effect was much less or was altogether absent.

 The scientists measured the optical density of water before and after the sign of the cross was made over it and it was blessed. “It turns out that the optical density increases in comparison to its initial value before the blessing, – explains Angelina Malakhovskaya. – This means that the water appears to “distinguish” the meaning of the prayers being said over it, remembers this effect, and retains it any amount of time – in the form of an increase in the value of optical density. It appears to become saturated with light. The human eye is naturally unable to perceive these healing changes in the structure of water, but the spectrograph provides an objective assessment of this manifestation.”

 The sign of the cross changes the optical density of water practically instantaneously. The optical density of tap water, blessed by the making of the sign of the cross over it by a plain believer, increases almost 1.5-fold! And when blessed by a priest – almost 2.5-fold! In other words, it appears that water “distinguishes” the degree of blessing – whether by a layman or by a priest, whose fingers of the right hand are folded for the blessing in such a way that they represent the first letters of Christ’s name.

 The result of water being blessed by a baptized but unbelieving person, who does not wear a body cross, is interesting. It turned out that water “distinguishes” even the degree of faith – the optical density changed by only 10%! It has been truly said that “according to your faith let it be to you” (Matt. 9:29).

 Since the human body consists of over two-thirds water, this means that when we were created God placed within us a system of physical channels, regulating all biochemical processes in the body, which distinctly “recognize” the name of Jesus Christ! 

It may be said that the sign of the cross is a generator of light. Under no other folding of the fingers of the hand (with the palm, or with carelessly folded fingers, or a quick and irreverent waving of the hand) were any changes (increase) in the optical density of tap water discovered.

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