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The Holy Trinity
The Earths Namesday.

The birch trees under our window murmured of the coming of the Holy Trinity. Sitting under their canopy, merging with the waves of their glittering leaves, I close my eyes tightly and imagine a path of shimmering light, just like on a river at sunrise; and along this path, in the form of three angels in white raiment, walks the Holy Trinity.

On the eve of the holiday mother said:

- Tomorrow is the earths namesday!

- How is that?

- Because tomorrow, my boy, is Trinity Day. Tomorrow the Holy Spirit walks on the earth, and decorates the earth with the most beautiful field flowers and thick green grass. That is why on Trinity Day the earth always looks so bedecked and merry, like a namesday celebrant!

- The earths namesday!

These extraordinary words sounded so wonderful, that my whole heart lit up

The arrival of the Holy Trinity at our village I felt early in the morning, in the form of the rising suns rays, which filled our little room with a delicate radiance. Mother was lighting the lampada in front of the icons and murmuring:

- O Holy Trinity, save us.

Over the earth, which was celebrating its namesday, the sun spilled its rays in thick and fragrant waves.

The church crowned the earths namesday with wondrous words, hymns and long mysterious prayers, during which we stood on our knees, - and the floor was covered with flowers and fresh grass. I picked up blades of grass from the floor, rubbed them between my palms and, breathing in their fragrant smell, I sensed with all my heart: how wonderful it is to be alive on the earths namesday!

From the book by Nikiforov-Volgin, The Earths Namesday.
The earths namesday.
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