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On Pride
How to recognize pride within oneself?

In response to the question: How to recognize pride within oneself? - Jacob, Archbishop of Nizhegorod, writes the following:

In order to understand and recognize it, notice how you feel when those around you do something against your will. If within you there arises not the thought of meekly rectifying the mistake of others, but discontent and anger, then know that you are extremely proud. If even the smallest lack of success in your affairs oppresses you, so that the thought of the participation of Gods Providence in our affairs does not cheer you up, then know that you are extremely proud. If you are wrapped up in your own needs and cold towards the needs of others, then know that you are extremely proud. If the sight of others misfortune, particularly that of your enemies, makes you merry, while the unexpected good fortune of those around you makes you sad, then know that you are extremely proud. If you are offended even by the slightest remarks concerning your shortcomings, while praises of your imaginary worth seem wonderful and admirable to you, then know that you are extremely proud.

What else can be added to these signs of recognizing pride within oneself? Perhaps only that if a person becomes filled with fear, that is also a sign of pride.

St. John of the Ladder writes about it thus: A proud soul is a slave to fear; believing in itself, it fears the noise of other creatures and even of the very shadows. The fearful often lose their mind, and quite justly, for the Lord rightly abandons the proud, in order to teach others not to be conceited.

And further he writes: The image of utmost pride is a man who, for the sake of glory, hypocritically exhibits virtues which he does not possess.

Priest Alexander Elchaninov.

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