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Spiritual Precepts
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Live in such a manner as though each day were to be your last, - and you will never sin before God.

Vanity destroys the good deeds of the man who shows off these deeds to others.

If the mouth of a vessel containing wine is left open, mosquitoes and flies gather there and spoil the wine. The soul sustains similar damage from wordiness, from empty and frivolous conversations.

The one who places hope in the transitory world is blind. But if he, rejecting this object of hope, transfers it to Gods pledges, then he has regained his spiritual sight.

A person who feels enmity towards his neighbor, who is filled with hate and envy towards him, who speaks ill of him, is like a leper. For that reason he, like the ancient lepers of the people of Israel, is forbidden to enter the house of God. If he rejects these vices, he becomes cleansed.

There is natural anger, without which one cannot acquire purity; one cannot acquire it if we do not become angry at everything that the enemy sows within us. But this righteous anger is replaced within us by anger at our neighbors, often for the most paltry, insignificant reasons.

Hate of ones neighbors expels all virtues from us.

In our times the universe is being punished by Gods wrath. Knowing this, do not be troubled. Strengthen your hearts with the following thought: What do these afflictions signify in comparison with the tortures of hell, to which we will be consigned for our sins?

Out of earthly love and glory deceit is born.

Do not seek friendship with the famous of the earth, in order that the glory of God not become extinguished in your heart.

Whoever acts deceitfully in regard to his brother, will not be able to avoid sorrow of the heart.

Venerable Abba Isaiah.

An ivy cannot climb towards the sun even an inch if it clings to other ivies instead of a tree. A wise man is one whose actions spring not from mens desires, but from the will of God.

Just as the taste of a drink does not depend upon the beauty of the vessel, so does wisdom not depend upon eloquence.

Wear not the armor which is beautiful, light or comfortable, but the one which will protect you from arrows.

A man is good only when his deeds are good. And his deeds are good when they are pleasing to God.

Before washing your eyes, wash your hands.

The higher one climbs a mountain, the greater a view is spread before him. If you cannot find in Christianity the answers to your questions, this speaks not of the paucity of the teaching, but of the paucity of your knowledge of this teaching.

It is not enough to call oneself a swimmer, one must also know how to swim. Ones being a Christian is determined not only by confessing ones Christianity, but also by bringing ones life within the framework of a Christian way of life.

Man is free only in his choice of subjugation to the forces of either good or evil.

Whoever does not serve the Creator becomes a servant of creatures. The truth is immutable: there is not a single man who believes in nothing.

No matter from what material an idol is made - it is still vile before God.

Life is good not when you are financially well-off, but when you live in accordance with the law of God.

The desire to become elevated in the eyes of men leads to a fall.

Indulgence in carnal delights is a raging fire. Indulgence in spiritual delights is a cool breeze.

Mores are similar to vestments, and it is not in every vestment that one is allowed to enter the Heavenly Realm.

If the return of unused talents to the Lord makes one deserving of punishment (Matt. 25:14), what will happen to those who have used up their talents for that which is not pleasing to the Lord? Have fear of exchanging Gods gift for vanity.

A warriors strength is tested in battle; strength of faith is tested in tribulation.

Vadim Slovtsov.
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